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How to Fill a Floor Jack – Refill a Floor Jack in 6 Easy Steps!

How to fill a floor Jack – If you own and use a hydraulic floor jack, you will want to ensure you keep the the hydraulic fluid level at full for proper and safe operation.

You should check your fluid level at least once every 12 months, more often if you use the jack frequently (like in a workshop situation).

If you notice any excess fluid on or around the Jack you should check and top up the fluid level if required.

The below steps will quickly and easily show you how to refill a floor jack.

How to fill a floor Jack – The 6 steps

Step 1 – The first thing you will need to is loosen the Jacks release valve. Pictured below you can see the release valve usually comes in two variety’s one with a flat head screwdriver fitting the other with a fitting that employs placing the handle over it and turning counter clockwise.

Newer garage jacks actually have the release valve built into the base of the handle fitting, for these jacks you simply turn the handle counter-clockwise to release the valve.

Check your owner’s manual to determine where your release valve is located on your particular service jack.

Turning the release valve will lower the lift arm of the jack, keep the valve open, allowing the arm to drop to its lowest position before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 – Next you will want to remove the oil filler plug. Once again refer to your operating manual to determine where the filler plug is located.

Usually you will ply or unscrew the oil filler plug / cap.

how to fill a floor jack - filler cap

Step 3 – Once the oil filler plug or cap has been removed grab a torch (flash-light) and check the current oil level. If the inner cylinders are exposed you will need to add some oil.

filler cap hydraulic fluid level

Step 4 – Using the a good quality hydraulic fluid, we recommend the Liquid Wrench Jack oil found here, simply squeeze the bottle or can into the oil filler hole until the cylinders of the jack are just covered.

Adding Hydraulic Fluid to Garage Jack

Step 5 – Replace the filler plug, either by screwing or pushing the cap back on (this will vary from Jack to Jack).

Step 6 – Wipe up any fluid spillage using a rag. It’s actually a good idea to then rub the oily rag over the jack itself, it will not only help clean the jack, but help prevent rusting.

There you have it, 6 simple steps to filling or refilling your hydraulic jack.

So now you know how to fill a floor jack, you should perform an fluid level check at least once every 12 months or sooner and keep your eye out for any oil leaks.

Preforming the above check and refill procedure along with regular maintenance will ensure you help keep your Jack in good working order for many years to come.


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