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The History of the Hydraulic Jack

hydraulic jackHydraulic Jacks are mechanical devices that uses hydraulic power and acts as lifting devices in lifting heavy loads. There are many types of hydraulic jacks such as floor jack, hydraulic bottle and long ram jack, hence they are rated according to their maximum capacity.

The history of the hydraulic jacks can be dated many years ago when French mathematician and philosopher by the name Blaise Pascal illustrated the principle of hydraulic jack in the 17th century. Later in 1795, Joseph Bramah the British engineer obtained a Patent for certain new methods of producing and application of more power to all machinery that requiring motion and force, and this involved the first hydraulic press. Richard Dudgeon incorporation started in New York as a machine shop and on July 8, 1851, inventor, and founder Richard Dudgeon was awarded a patent for ‘portable hydraulic press’. These jacks were operated by water or any other fluids as whiskey and whale oil; the heads device was the location for fluid reservoir. During the winter, other liquids tend to freeze and thicken hence the most applied fluid was whiskey and the name Whiskey Jack came into existence.

Dudgeon’s hydraulic jack had some weaknesses like the device seemed to be heavy especially on the top part due to the presence of reservoir on the head.

Dudgeon corrected this problem 14 years later where he designed the fluid reservoir on the base, making the device improved and new model. The invented 1851 Jack has proved more powerful, portable and easily operated as compared to screw jacks that require great effort while lifting heavy devices. Dudgeon jacks functions in railroad shops and industries for shipbuilding. Due to a large bundle of orders Dudgeon shifted his machine shop the large popular quarters at Goerck Street, New York. His Jack, however, have been of high performance and functional everywhere enough to guarantee the upcoming inventor of successful financially just from the start point. Richard Dudgeon deserves congratulations for his innumerable inventions that include:

  • Steam carriage
  • Filter press jacks
  • Steam forging hammer
  • Pulling jacks
  • Roller boiler tube expanders.

Hydraulic jacks are commonly and widely applied everywhere all over the world. They have a lot of merits and benefits in the current generation since they have made the lifting processes easier, comfortable and reliable as compared to other jack types. These jacks have two cylinders joined with each other, and it functions according to the principle of Pascal’s law. The common types of hydraulic jack include Floor jacks, used for lifting heavy objects from the surface of the floor mostly while replacing vehicles tires or working on cars. A hydraulic bottle jack is another type with a long handle and can be put on tight spaces hence its used majorly in rescue and search operations, and building construction. The long ram type used in performing overall repair works and shop press jacks are applied where a lot of pressure needed with fewer efforts. The hydraulic jacks can lift objects of low pounds to thousands of pounds. They use gasoline, compressed air, electricity and hand power as power sources. Hydraulic jacks’ clients have opportunities in choosing their best types Moreover according to a power source.

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