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Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack Review

The Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack in the extended position

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack

The Powerzone 38044 3 Ton Aluminium and Steel Garage Jack is currently one of the best-selling Jacks on the market.

Its popularity is largely due to the fact it’s a high quality 3 Ton Jack with an extremely affordable price tag.

Don’t be put off by the fact this Jack is built in China by Milestone Tools put you off, the vast majority of Garage Jacks are now manufactured outside of the US and in fact nearly all are produced in China.

The Powerzone 380044 is built from Aluminium and Steel, which means it is relatively lightweight to move around (the frame is composed of Aluminium), but is still sturdy enough where it matters by employing a lift arm made from steel.

As mentioned due to its composition being part Aluminium (the frame) it weighs in at just under 60 pounds, when you compare this to The Hein-Werner 3 Ton Jack at 123 pounds, it’s almost half its weight!

Whilst not labelled as a low profile jack it has a min height of 4″ so it will suit many lowered vehicles.

Its maximum lift height of 18.25 inches is a little lower than most of our preferred floor jacks (check them out here) but will be more than enough for most people’s needs.

Unboxing of the Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack

The Saddle is padded, to prevent damage to your vehicle and you will find the two piece handle that will effortless pump your jack to its full height in around half a dozen pumps.

As with most Jacks on the market, the Powerzone 380044 comes equipped with a safety valve to prevent overloading beyond its rated capacity.

Just on the two piece handle, don’t be put off by thinking this may make the handle flimsy, once fitted together you don’t have the sensation of two separate pieces when using it, it’s extremely sturdy. The bonus of the two piece handle is that it is easily stored, especially if you need to put it in the trunk of your vehicle.

This jack is easy to maneuver around your workshop or garage as it has hard wearing, robust, steel caster wheels with a 360 degrees range of motion.


  • 3 ton Capacity.
  • Minimum lift clearance 4″
  • Maximum lift height 18.25″
  • Lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Sturdy steel lift arm.
  • Quick lift hydraulic jack system.
  • Padded saddle for car body protection.
  • 360 degrees swivel, steel caster wheels

A lot cheaper than the all steel Hein-Werner or for that matter the all aluminum low profile jacks, the Powerzone 38044 is the prefect compromise of strength, lift (a whopping 3 ton), height and cost.

The Powerzone 380044 in Action

Conclusion and Recommendation

As an all-round Jack this garage Jack is the best value Jack we have reviewed, sure we rate some higher, but they are much more expensive. The quality of this jack cannot be overstated, don’t let the price tag fool you this a serious piece of machinery, that will take a beating and last a lifetime. You really are getting a quality 3 Ton rated Jack for the Price of a good 2 Ton.

The only real negative is the maximum lift height, a couple more inches would have made this best value jack of all time.

If you on a budget you should really get the Powerzone 380044, it’s one of the best all round jacks you can buy.

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Written by: Simon Mckinney
Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack
Date published: 08/09/2015
4.6 / 5 stars

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