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What to check before heading out on a Road trip

Road-TripThere is nothing as pleasant or exciting as jumping in the car and heading off in a a road trip adventure! but excitement can soon turn into a nightmare if you don’t make sure your car is in good working order before you leave and you aren’t equipped with a few essential components.

Prior to heading out on a journey / road trip in your vehicle, you ought to make it a point to reach your destination safely and avoid making unnecessary stress by following a few car maintenance tips.

You need to ensure check on the following on your vehicle before starting out:

  1. General Condition

You should get the car serviced before you begin a trip. Make sure that the service center replaces the filters, air filters, spark plugs, engine oil, fuel filters, and so on.

Whilst cleaning the engine compartment with water, never use too much water spray. Modern automobiles include lots of electric wirings, and any surplus water getting into it may result in unwanted headaches in the middle of the journey.

  1. Fan Belt

Replace your fan belt in case your vehicle has done over 20,000kms. Furthermore, check out your idlers for noises & roughness. If you think that the idlers are rough, replace them.

  1. Headlight Bulbs

The conventional bulbs supplied by the majority of the manufacturers are actually 55/60 watts bulb. Most of us modify it to a 90/100 watts bulb. However, this will put an additional load on your battery. Almost every bulb holder is made from plastic and this is going to melt in the long run. Find out if there is any kind of damage to the holder and swap it with a ceramic holder in case it is impaired. It is recommended to carry an extra set of bulbs in the event of a crisis.

  1. Tyres

Probably the most overlooked part of our vehicle is the tyres. In fact, a tyre plays a significant part in the automobile as it provides grip and traction while cruising, accelerating and braking. Most of us believe that once we can observe buttons on the tyres they’re ok to drive.

The tyres are usually good for a few years from the day of manufacture. Following that, in case you notice carefully, you will spot small splits on the side wall. It doesn’t matter even though your vehicle has done little mileage leaving behind plenty of buttons on the tyres. It is recommended, as well as safe, to change the tyres.

  1. Wipers

Always replace your wiper blades in case it is more than one-year-old, even though it appears great on the exterior. Older blades usually become harder over time and may rub the glass harder and also scratch it. Fresh ones are going to be softer & they will provide far better cleaning of the windshield.

  1. Brakes

Make sure to check the condition of your brakes before leaving on your journey, this is best done by a professional. Learn more here

  1. Wheel Alignment

Check out the wheel alignment and ensure to get it aligned correctly. Furthermore, balance all the wheels, this will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your tires, saving you money while keeping you safe from blowouts.

  1. Air

In case the mileage covered is substantial, remember to add an additional 2 pounds of air in the tyres. This is going to prevent the tyres from getting punctured quickly.

  1. fluids

Ensure all fluids are topped up, this includes coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil and power steering fluid. Take a look at our DIY car maintenance tips for more information.

  1. battery

Check your battery is charged up and able to last your journey.

Bonus points:

  1. Take with you all the documents of the automobile and also your license.
  2. Take enough rest prior to starting on, and during a trip.
  3. Put on the seat belts.

Checking off each item on the list above will ensure you have a trouble free road trip, well as a far as your vehicle is concerned!

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