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Your Exhaust Sytem – How it Works

For many the exhaust system is nothing more than a “pipe” which excretes the “fumes and smoke” that result from combustion in your cars engine. In reality your exhaust system is a little more complicated than that.

The exhaust system of your vehicle is critical for ensuring safe and efficient usage. It is responsible for the safe transfer of unhealthy, toxic emissions that are a by-product of combustion.

Combustion of gas (fuel) is the way in which petrol based cars run. This takes place inside your car’s engine. Unfortunately a by-product of combustion is the production of dangerous gases, dangerous to both humans and the environment. Your cars exhaust system deals with these toxic gases in such a way as to render them as safe and clean as possible.

A proper functioning exhaust system will also reduce the noise your engine produces as well as keep it running smoothly, by providing the correct level of compression. If the exhaust system is bad, often due to blockages or holes in the exhaust then performance of your engine is severely reduced.

Each cylinder of your car has a pipe that traps and transports these gasses away from the cylinders. These pipes then merge into one larger pipe which then feeds into a converter which filters and converts potentially harmful substances with in the exhaust fumes.

Next, the now much cleaner gas is fed into a muffler, which as the name suggests “muffles’ the sound produced by the engine, carried by the exhaust pipe.

So as you can see the exhaust system is a vital and perhaps more complex than you may have first thought.

If your exhaust sounds louder than usual or you notice a decrease in performance of your car, get your car tested at an exhaust and muffler specialist or your local garage.

Having a proper functioning exhaust means less wear and tear on your engine as well as reduced fuel consumption. This in turn leads to monetary savings, as well as serving to help the environment.

Video – How Car Exhaust System Works

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