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Hein Werner hw93642 2 Ton Service Jack Review

The Hein-Werner hw93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack is a 2 Ton Floor Jack produced by one of the most well-known and high quality manufacturers of Hydraulic floor Jacks, Hein-Werner or as its now known the Shinn fu Company of America, Inc.

Made in the USA these Jacks boast the quality and robustness the Hein Werner brand is famous for and most importantly are still assembled in the United States.

The Hein-Werner HW93652 Blue Heavy Duty Service Jack with 3 Ton lift Capacity

The Famous Good looking blue synonymous with Hein-Werner Floor Jacks (model: hw93624)

This is a service Jack that will never let you down, built to good old USA standards, mean this is a very high quality tool. In fact Hein Werner are without a doubt the best manufacturer of floor jacks, they are the ones we choose to use in our Garage’s, you really don’t want to compromise on safety by buying cheaper, inferior imported Jacks, remember they may be more expensive, but they will last decades, if not a lifetime and are easily repaired if needed.

Due to its unique In line pump assembly and a U-Joint release mechanism, using the hw93624 to jack up and the lower your vehicle has never been more effortless, it’s the most noticeable difference when compared to other jacks, it really is a smooth effortless operation. Once you have experienced it, you will never by another brand of Jack.


Hein Werner HW93642 Features and Specs


  • Model : HW93642
  • Load capacity : 2 Ton.
  • max lift height : 20.25 inch
  • min height : 4.5 inch
  • Weight : 99 lbs
  • Dimensions : 32 x 8 x 17 inch
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Robust cast iron lift arm and pump base provides extra strength where you need it.
  • Extra stability provided by flanged side plates and wider than usual frame.
  • Large front and rear wheels, casters for easy movement.
  • U-Joint release mechanism ensures precise load control,
  • One piece handle
  • In-line pump assembly provides an easy inline pump mechanism which is long lasting due to reduced wear design.
  • Sealed Hydraulic pump
  • 2 year warranty


Conclusion and Recommendation

If you don’t need the extra grunt of a 3 ton jack then why not take advantage of the comparatively lower price? With the Hein Werner hw93642 you can buy the highest of quality 2 ton jacks for the price of a mid range quality 3 ton jack.

The only drawbacks with this Jack are the lack of a padded saddle (why they haven’t added this is puzzling) and the fact that this sucker is heavy to lug around! at 99 lbs you don’t want to have to be picking this jack up from the ground to often! It’s also not the lowest profile jack on the market, if you require a low profile jack you would be better off taking a look at our best low profile floor Jack review.

Having said that, the Hein Werner hw93642 2 Ton Service Jack is in our opinion, without peer, its undoubtedly the best 2 Ton floor Jack on the market.

Order the Hein Werner hw93642 here – with free shipping within the USA

Hein Werner hw93642 2 Ton Service Jack
Date published: 07/22/2015
4.8 / 5 stars

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