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What to Look For in a Floor Jack

range of jacksWhen buying a floor Jack, you need to take into account a few things such as what sort of car will you be using the Jack on, in particular how heavy and how much clearance is there under the car.

You may also want to consider if the jack needs to be light enough to be portable or can it be more heavy duty as it will be kept and used in a garage and Will it be for commercial or private use?

Floor Jack Weight Bearing Capacity

Most floor Jacks these days come in 2, 3 and 4 Ton varieties. Which you choose will depend entirely on the weight of the car you are looking to use the garage jack on.

If you are the average Joe citizen then your best bet is to go for a 3 Ton variety as this will accommodate the majority of the vehicles out there. If you have a heavier vehicle, truck, Recreational Vehicle etc you are advised to go for the 4 Ton rated selection of Jacks or more if your vehicle is heavier.

Car clearance

This one is important mainly for those of us who own lowered cars or have low profile sports cars. Basically you want to make sure your jack is a low profile floor jack that will easily slide underneath your car when it is at it’s lowest point

Floor Jack weight and portability

The weight of the Jack can vary markedly, this often is a result of more robust Jacks comprising some cast iron components as well as having a wide frame.

However purchasing a heavy Jack may not suit all people, especially if it’s to be carried around in the car itself for changing a flat tire etc.


If you’re looking to use the Jack in a semi-professional or professional manner, i.e. in a working garage or mechanic shop, you really need to look at heavy duty floor jacks such as the Hein-Werner that will take a lot of punishment and will last for years, lifting car after car without fear of failure.

If your only looking to use it for personal use than any of the Jacks on the site will be suitable to your needs.


buying a jack is an important task, you don’t want to skimp on safety to save a few dollars, make sure you get a good floor jack like the ones found here to ensure your Jack is one of a quality that won’t let you down while you are under it. You won’t believe the sad statistics on how many people each year are killed or injured as a result of a failing floor Jack

Where you can get a Jack that is robust with a wide chassis as it will make the jack more stable. If you can afford it the Hein-Werner range of jacks simply can’t be beat, they are a little heavy to lug around but they are the sturdiest and in our opinion the safest on the market. Learn more about the best floor jacks here.


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